Neskowin Regional Water District’s Watershed Information

A view of Hawk Creek running by the NRWD water plant.
A view of Hawk Creek running by the NRWD water plant.






Neskowin’s Watershed

From the Districts 2012 report on our Watershed.

The Hawk Creek Watershed contains a variety of different forest conditions and ownerships. Water quality and habitat conditions are most affected by that of the Nestucca Forests L.L.C ownership (NF), which comprises a single large block in the heart
of the watershed, and includes most headwaters and streams. Most of the NF ownership is
comprised of even-aged stands dominated by western hemlock, managed in large blocks.
Most NF lands have either been harvested in the last 10-30 years, have been recently clear-cut, or are mature and ready for cutting. Enhanced markets for mid-sized hemlock and spruce increase the likelihood that these remaining older stands will be harvested soon. Provisions to protect water quality appear to have been limited to following minimum requirements of the Oregon State Forest Practices Act (F.P.A), and few headwaters streams have forested buffers exceeding F.P.A minimums. Increased harvest pressures on the NF ownership will likely lead to increased sedimentation, elevated water temperatures, and more dynamic flow regimes for the Hawk Creek water system.

The View of the Water District 


An EPA report on the economic benefits of healthy watersheds notes that protecting watersheds lowers drinking water treatment costs, avoids expensive restoration, minimizes damage from natural disasters, and increases adjacent property values, among other benefits. The District believes that with proper management the Neskowin Water District’s Watershed will be safe and dependable in perpetuity. 

2012 Watershed Report

In 2012 the Neskowin Regional Water District Contracted Trout Mountain Forestry to make a report about the District’s Watershed.

2012 Watershed Report

D.E.Q Draft Report

This draft report was written by D.E.Q staff and concerns the special issues facing Oregon coastal water districts and  location of  much of their source water areas within industrial timber operations. This report is currently being disputed by the Oregon Department of Forestry. 

D.E.Q Watershed Report

Hawk Creek Watershed Ownership?

The most current ownership of our Watershed in a convenient color coded map.

Current Ownership


Different information regarding the “why” of why we need to control the uses of our watershed.

Hawk Creek E Systems

E.P.A Eco Benefits




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